Aiysha Varraich

A wandering soul - this is who I am. Having lived in 4 of the 7 continents, in 5 very diverse cities - Karachi, London, Washington DC, Calgary and Gothenburg - I've had my share of moving about. A law career couldn't bind me to London, so I returned to my childhood home - Gothenburg. This is where I had the courage to start anew, a political science direction. I research corruption on a full-time basis at the Quality of Government Institute. I've ended up at Utblick by fluke: ranting on about my upset at the latest political developments in the US to my friend and colleague she directed me here. So now, Utblick is my outlet to write - non-academically- and engage my mind outside of the corruption world, when I am not seeing friends, painting or (when the weather allows) pursuing my observations of nature through my obsession with botany.