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Sneak for the next paper issue which focuses on masses and will be out in mid October: Conversation with Stellan Vinthagen on non-violent resistance

Stellan Vinthagen (SV) lectures and researches in Peace and Development studies at School of Global Studies in Gothenburg. He has been engaged with social movements, civil disobedience and non-violent resistance for decades, both as a scholar and through activism across the world. Utblick's editor-in-chief Anna Reumert met with Stellan for an afternoon talk on non-violent resistance and mass mobilization. A ...

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From Traditional Movements To Cyber-Activism: Are We Living In An Era Of Post-Fordist Social Movements?

Traditionally, relationships between individuals and groups in a social movement are often organized through a dispersed manner at a grassroots level, which allows them to work in a more democratic fashion. Precisely because of those social movements retaining the notion of uniformity, self-management and self-determination, their organizational structure has been seen as a consistent model for participator ...

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”Mass Culture” or the invisible walls of ”Smart Totalitarianism”

It is often said that everything in our late modern society is nothing but spectacle and image. By large, such is at least the conventional wisdom of our self awareness since La Société du spectacle by Guy Debord. It is a literary masterpiece published in 1967 elaborating on the impact of the television. The significance of such concept as the society of spectacle is widely disputed. Self-acclaimed postmode ...

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