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Anyone else fed up with hypocritical Hollywood?

Anyone else fed up with hypocritical Hollywood? By Rebecca Hartill I’ve arrived in the movie star capital of the world without any clue of who is who and what is what. Hollywood and the entertainment industry is to me an unknown field, which is partly why I find my time in L.A so interesting. Something that has not slipped my attention however is the #metoo earthquake, and being a political science major, t ...

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The De-erotized Ideology of Pornography

Many years have now passed since the Western world proclaimed “sexual liberation”, when the dawn of pleasure would break. I am however afraid that today, this philosophical notion is profoundly poverty-stricken, and lack some of the substance matters when it comes to the phenomenology of sexuality. I would like to propose the idea that sexuality in the West, is not really a topic of sexuality but rather of ...

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How does HIV affect Malawi and its people?

Malawi is ranked as the 9th worst affected country in the world regarding HIV/AIDS. The countries hit by the HIV epidemic are affected on all levels of society, from the individual micro level to the macro level, and will have consequences for a long time. In societies where poverty, gender inequality and social injustice are major problems, the epidemic has spread the most with the most severe effects. HIV ...

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Gay Rights in Tanzania: Interview with a Young Tanzanian Male

-Could you please begin by explaining the legal situation regarding the rights of homosexuals? In Tanzania homosexuality is punishable under the Penal Code which states that, homosexuality is considered an unnatural act punishable under the Penal Code, Cap. 16 R.E. 2002, section 154 of which provides that any person who (1) has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature or… permits a male pe ...

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Homophobia, Gay Conversion Therapy and State Restrictions

To counter anti-gay forces the website “Gay Homophobe” takes advantage of one simple fact: every now and then a known anti-gay advocator are caught in a “scandal” which reveals their homosexuality (hence, a gay homophobe). The website has a counter that keeps track of how many days that have passed since the last time such an event took place. Of course, one could question the ethical aspects of hanging out ...

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Death penalty for being gay

Imagine to have your personal life published in a major newspaper: details of your sexual orientation, your phone number and your home address, and the only reason for why they are published is because you are gay- Yes you heard me right. I can’t possibly imagine how those people feel. How would you feel if you got your personal information shared with millions of people? Homosexuality has been illegal in U ...

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