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Swakopmund, Swedes and a safari

The long break in blogging is due to my first real dip after coming here. First me, and three days later my thesis colleague, went down with both high fever, loss of appetite and thirst, as well as stomache aches. It all culminated with last Thursday spent in the hospital on a drip. The time we were ill didn’t seem much to document but here are some pictures from the things we managed to do before that. [ca ...

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”We are all Africans”

It is easy to shake your bum to Shakira's song "Waka waka" and to get a feeling of affinity, global equality and hope for mankind. This message, it seems, has not yet reached the former German colony of South-West Africa, nowadays called Namibia - an internationally low-profile country from where very little news reach global consciousness. [caption id="attachment_2085" align="alignright" width="300"] Airpo ...

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