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At the Frontiers of Europe

In early May, five members of The Society of International Affairs participated in a project in Palermo, Italy about how civil society can work against organized crime. Sicily is famous for its mafia, yet the understanding of most people abroad is limited to gangster movies and the mafia wars in the 1980s and 1990s. This project was essentially about understanding, on a deeper level, how the strong influenc ...

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Livet i krisens Aten

Författare: Carin Carlund och Anna Eken Aten är en vacker stad, dess antika stormakt och rika historia återspeglas i de många monument och tempel som omgärdar staden. Trots att det är i Aten som demokratin har sitt ursprung har Greklands politiska historia varit långt ifrån enkel. De senaste seklerna har Grekland genomlidit en lång period av ockupationer och diktatoriella styren. Landet befann sig under Ott ...

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The anti-mafia movement: A fight with many faces

The anti-mafia movement: A fight with many faces As I enjoy an espresso and a cigarillo in a tiny coffee bar in the old quarters of Palermo I look out over the streets where the number of vespas and tourists are countless. Somehow the modern aspects of Sicily´s capital seem distant and out of place in a context where the historical and cultural heritage has much more of an impact on me. Narrow alleys with l ...

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UF to Copenhagen: Day 3 – Christiania

Breakfast is a wonderful thing, and breakfast when you can sleep in for a while is even better. The two previous days had early morning planned hectic meetings and what we in Sweden call 'fullt ös', which basically mean non-stop all the time – all the time. Fitting then that our last day was had a few hours to spare in the morning for everyone to take their time before we set of for a guided tour of Christi ...

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UF to Copenhagen: Day 2 – Danida, UNDF and Concord

It's the small things that make or break a city, small things that pile up and form a concept of breath – or death. As a Swedish cultural imperialist, I came with the notion of Denmark being nothing more than a country filled with drunks and criminals. (My former impressions of Copenhagen are mainly built on the movie Pusher, and to be honest I'm a tad bit disappointed by the lack of pit-bulls, gold chains ...

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UF to Copenhagen: Day 1 – The Nordic Council

The day began with all of us going from The Society of International Affairs Gothenburg, scavenging what remnants of the woken state of mind we could find as the morning sun bathed us with a little bit of extra d-vitamins. The bus trip from Gothenburg to Copenhagen takes roughly about five hours with a few stops along the way. The scenario which plays out before yours eyes changes from thick Scandinavian fo ...

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