New Issue of Utblick: Colours

Nr 3 2013The latest issue of Utblick emanates from the significance of colours. Colours are assigned different meanings over time and place, and are often a powerful symbol in its simplicity. The different colours of Wiphala, an ancient flag from the Andes, used to represent cultural heritage but is upcoming as a symbol for resistance. In Thailand, every weekday is assigned a colour. Here, the king has a peculiar trendsetting role: as he was born on a yellow Monday, the public is generally seen wearing yellow clothing on Mondays to manifest their royal support. In Gothenburg, Way out West festival took the “green” stance to stop selling any meat, stirring up controversy, whereas the ecological outlook is rather dim when it comes to pharmaceutical industries. Read about these issues and much more in Utblick #3 2013. You’ll find it in print at cafés, libraries and university institutions, or download the digital version from here. Enjoy reading!

On the same theme, featured only on the web, is this article on the ideology and realpolitik: Colours and Contrasts in World Politics

New Issue of Utblick: Science and Politics!

Utblick Framsida 2_2013

The newest issue of Utblick investigates the interplay between science and politics. In China, industrial development has generated severe air pollutions, putting the regime in a political dilemma of how prioritise between economical development and environmental and health concerns. A political decision with local implications in Gothenburg has recently been made at EU level, granting the huge sum of €54 million to promote research regarding the new material grafen. Technological breakthroughs that enable new ways to extract oil can have huge geopolitical consequences, while 3D printers might democratise the means of production. In this issue of Utblick topics like these are explored from different angles, and it will hopefully give you some new insights in the world of science, and politics. You’ll find it in print at cafés, libraries and university institutions, or download the digital version from here. Enjoy reading!


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New Issue of Utblick Released!

An amazing new issue of Utblick is now released! It is the last one for the year, looking into the future. Depending on from which end you start to read it, you will get either a utopian or dystopian angle on different subjects, such as the vegetarianism and the meat production, the war on drugs, prospects of space tourism and Brazil’s role as a regional power. You can also read interviews with possible employers, politicians and a historian’s view on what we can learn from history. And much more, all delivered in a lovely retro look! You can find it on University insitutions, libraries and cafés all over Gothenburg, or download it online from here. Don’t miss this!

A New Issue of Utblick Released!

Utblick’s first issue this autumn has now been released with a brand new design! The theme is Masses, and the magazine includes articles spanning from the role of social media in collective action and oil in Iraq, to weavers in India and dilmemmas with development goals, as well as interviews and recommendations from the Editoral staff. Go look for the paper version at cafés, libraries  or university institutions. A digital version can be downloaded from here. In short, it doesn’t matter how, but you should definitely read it!

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Utmaningar för global utveckling

Utblick nr 1/2011

Vårens första nummer av Utblick har det relativt ambitiösa temat: ”utmaningar för global utveckling, med fokus på konflikthantering, fattigdomsbekämpning och mänskliga rättigheter i syd: kulturella och religiösa utmaningar”. Temat lyfter omedelbart frågorna –vad inbegrips i begreppet ”syd”, är bistånd ett bra tillvägagångssätt för att bekämpa fattigdom och kanske framförallt: hur kan ”opinionsbildning kring globala frågor” rättfärdigas?

Läs det nya numret av Utblick!

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Utblick nr 3/2010

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