Hi all future reporters, journalists and media-people! Do you want to be part of a magazine that focuses on international affairs, human rights and politics? We have several positions available!

Note: as of right now, we only accept graphic designers or guest writers. If you are interested in any of the other positions however, you can send an application and we will reach out to you when we have spots available.

Submissions for online magazine

We welcome submissions and proposals from both new and established writers. Utblick’s aim is to provide high-quality, accessible and compelling content. Please read our work before submitting ideas.

Send a brief outline of your pitch to utblick.got@gmail.com including:

  • your proposed working title,
  • a one-line introduction and a three-line summary of your article,
  • any supporting images/audio/video, and
  • links to your previous work (if you’re a published writer).

Submissions for printed issue

Theme for next issue: TBA

Become a staff writer

You can also apply to become a staff writer for the team. The requirements are;

  • You need to write at least one article each month.
  • You need to send us an email to apply, where you tell us shortly about yourself and attach a writing sample. Either an already published article or you can write a new article about some current news.
  • Please send links to your work (if you are a published writer).

Graphic design and media submissions

We also welcome other applications concerning graphic design, illustrators, editing and other sort of media that you want to publish on our site. Send an email to utblick.got@gmail.com and we can talk about it further.

To become a graphic designer;

  • You need to be able to do images/design elements for at least 2-3 articles each month.
  • Send us your portfolio or a sample!
  • Send a small intro of yourself where you tell us about your interests and style of art. 

Become an editor

  • Editors. This position entails editing articles, being responsible for certain staff writers and developing ideas for the magazine. We also encourage our editors to get involved in all other areas of work that they are interested in learning about within the magazine.

Send us an email with your application! utblick.got@gmail.com.

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