Vår urbana omvärd och megacities

I rapporten ”urban world: mapping the economic power of cities” belyser konsultfirman McKinsey hur vår urbana omvärld är under omvandling:

”Today, major urban areas in developed regions are, without doubt, economic giants. Half of global GDP in 2007 came from 380 cities in developed regions, with more than 20 percent of global GDP coming from 190 North American cities alone. The 220 largest cities in developing regions contributed another 10 percent”.

”It is a common misperception that megacities have been driving global growth for the past 15 years. In fact, most have not grown faster than their host economies, and MGI expects this trend to continue. Today’s 23 megacities—with populations of ten million or more—will contribute about 10 percent of global growth to 2025, below their 14 percent share of global GDP”.

Tankvärda och smått svindlande resonemang.

Läs mer: http://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/urban_world/index.asp
(Fotot hämtat från samma sida)

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