Radio Global Voices: Sustainable Development, Right Here, Right Now!

“Sustainable development is like teenage sex – everybody claims they are doing it but most people aren’t, and those that are, are doing it very badly”

— Professor Chris J Spray

Global Voices focus is on Sustainable development this time. We all hear about, we talk about but how much we know about it?

Inspired from The Gothenburg Award on Sustainable Development (GASD) we thought to make our contribution and bring this concept one more time in the minds of our listeners. Apart our insightful Vox Pop, you have the chance to listen an interesting interview with the winner of this year’s award, Dr.Micheal Biddle.

Listen here: [audio:]

Host of tonight’s show:
Ermelinda Kanushi, Hanna Katarina Nyroos

VoxPop interviews: Ermelinda Kanushi
Micheal Biddle interview: Hanna Katarina Nyroos

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