North Korea: First Starvation and Now Cannibalism

You can never trust the news coming out of North Korea, but starvation in the country have gotten so bad and the people are so desperate that there are now reports coming out of North Korea about parents murdering their own children for food. These scary reports were compiled by independent reporters commissioned by Asia Press, a independent press agency focusing on Asia, and were published by the Sunday Times.

Life in the famine destroyed North Korea is not getting better now that Kim Jong Un is new leader of North Korea after has succeeded his infamous father Kim Jong Il.

A man in Hwanghae region in North Korea has been put to death by a firing squad after it was learned that he had eaten his own children, according to the article.

North Korean government officials would neither confirm nor deny this execution and it is not the first time that the regime of North Korea is believed to have punished their own citizen who was find guilty of turning in to cannibalism instead of starvation and possibly death.

Different Human rights groups estimate that more than 10,000 people may have died since last year due to starvation in the famine-stricken nation. While tensions between Washington and Pyongyang is getting heated, a few weeks ago Kim Jong Un made a “speech to the nation” where he lashed out at the U.S as the “sworn enemy” of North Korea and vowed to restart the nuclear and long-rage missile testing.

Maybe these stories of cannibalism are nothing more than rumors, stories that devolved intro folklore stories and urban legends. Then there’s the facts that can’t be denied. North Korea was destroyed by storms and flooding in the summer of 2012; you can’t hide tropical cyclone thanks to our achievement in technology. It is not unthinkable that under such extreme conditions North Koreans might indeed be turning to desperate measures for survival.

Text: Yacob Rajes