A Brand New Issue of Utblick Released!


The first issue of Utblick of the year is now released! The entire issue investigates different aspects of the relation between sex and international politics, featuring articles on trafficing, gay rights, sex tourism, ecological sex toys, gender, norms and much more. Meet the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nahid Persson Sarvestani in an interview where she talks about her struggle for womens rights in Iran, read an analysis on how the horrifying rape case in India could possibly lead to much needed reforms, learn about how legalization of weed has been proposed as an instrument to curb sexual drive. In short, this issue is stuffed with interesting texts, and you shouldn’t miss it! You’ll find it in print at cafés, libraries and university institutions, or download the digital version from here. Happy reading!

And don’t hesitate to email us feedback, comments and critique at editors[at]utblick.org


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