New Issue of Utblick: Science and Politics!

Utblick Framsida 2_2013

The newest issue of Utblick investigates the interplay between science and politics. In China, industrial development has generated severe air pollutions, putting the regime in a political dilemma of how prioritise between economical development and environmental and health concerns. A political decision with local implications in Gothenburg has recently been made at EU level, granting the huge sum of €54 million to promote research regarding the new material grafen. Technological breakthroughs that enable new ways to extract oil can have huge geopolitical consequences, while 3D printers might democratise the means of production. In this issue of Utblick topics like these are explored from different angles, and it will hopefully give you some new insights in the world of science, and politics. You’ll find it in print at cafés, libraries and university institutions, or download the digital version from here. Enjoy reading!


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