New issue of Utblick: Terra Incognita, out now!

kkkkkk12227440_10153118074196646_84855794_oTerra Incognita

The latest issue of Utblick focus on the current refugee crisis. The question is adressed through the lens of “Terra Incognita”, the unknown land. The articles gathered here discusses it from a psychological perspective and how standing face to face with “Terra Incognita” affects the search for the new or better, as well as discussing it from the perspective of the recipient countries: how it affects the mentality of the state and its citizens. Join our discussion by reading our latest articles, essays and interviews, aiming to give an alternative point of view than the mainstream media!

You can look for this issue of Utblick at coffee shops, libraries, museums, movie theatres and university faculties all across Göteborg, or read it online here!