Get to know our contributors!

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Here is a list with all the people that contributed to the first issue of 2018 on FEMINISM and what they did in it. We have also written something they like and something they hate, so you can get to know them a little bit better!

The writers

Rebecca Hartill – Burmese cats / Bullshit

Moa Persson – – Snow/ Peanut butter

Ella Petrini – – Broad City/ Getting up before 8 am

Egil Sturk – – Irony/ Infants on airplanes

Shakira Mills – – Cheesecake/ Scary movies

Lisa Sutton –– Vulnerability/ The patriarchy

Reka Paul – – The smell of old things/ People cutting in line

Maximilian Weik – – Bulk waste furniture/ Cold hands

Viktor Warg – – Good friends we have/ Good friends we’ve lost

The graphic designer

Ahyoung Kim- – Sour jelly/ Blood

The illustrators

Ibou Gueye – – Cake/ Trump (and all he stands for)

Charlotte Gunnarsson – Racoons/ The sound of cutlery against teeth

Jenny Lundin Johansson – – Heavy rain/ That Blue song by Eiffel 65

Elisabeth Pavon –– To get in the shower/ To get out of the shower

The proofreader for English articles

Brea Pluta – – Long walks on the beach/ Small talk about the weather  

The editors

Moa Persson – – Snow/ Peanut butter

Ariadna Carrascosa – Sunset/ White asparagus