Do you want to be a part of Utblick?

Do you want to write for a magazine that focuses on international affairs, human rights and politics? Congrats, that is exactly what you can do here at Utblick Magazine.

Each term two magazines are published with wide distribution among the members of Utrikespolitiska föreningen and students in Gothenburg. Apart from that, we also regularly publish articles on our website.

We always love to get submissions, so send any and all to our email or contact us on our FB:

Submissions have opened up for our next issue! Deadline to send in pitches 31 okt and submissions 15 november.

Theme for next issue: Corruption – The disease that keeps growing

You can also apply to become staff writer. The requirements are;

To become a staff writer;

  • You need to write at least one article each month
  • You need to send us an email to apply, where you tell us shortly about yourself and attach a writing sample. Either an already published article or you can write a new article about some current news. Does not need to be longer than 2 pages.

Looking forward to seeing your pitches!

Kind regards,

Sara Razi Ullah

Editor-in-chief Utblick Magazine