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In this issue, we explore the topic of energy, one of the crucial factors influencing world politics and essential to protecting the environment.
The political issues surrounding energy continue to expand along with the global energy demand. Energy is a subject that cannot be ignored, from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to the vital necessity of combatting climate change.

We are pleased to provide a selection of articles by seven of our talented and committed staff writers and one guest writer in this issue, each of whom brings something unique to the discussion. We are taken on a historical tour of the use of fossil fuels by Adriana Abril and Ismael Izquierdo, who also emphasize the expenses associated with energy development. By examining the potential of biomass energy, Tilde Bergström looks at whether the world is becoming more environmentally friendly in light of climate change. Anita Tvedt Kaksrud investigates the problems with fracking’s impact on human rights, paying particular attention to the experiences of the Mapuche and Sami populations in Argentina and Norway, respectively. Concerning petroleum, Moltas Karlsson looks into the connection between democracy and macroeconomic prosperity. The energy crisis is not hurting everyone equally, as Dominique Keizer reveals, but is instead “unfolding the deep-rooted biases.” The success of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) so far is thoroughly examined by Axèle Maillard Arricot. Last but not least, Natalia Olsson explores the Merit Order Effect and how it relates to the goal of renewable energy.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to our hard-working staff writers and editors for their commitment to our project. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the contributions and support of the Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg (Utrikespolitiska föreningen I Göteborg). As readers, we hope you will appreciate our work as writers with a passion for international relations. Furthermore, we invite you to consider joining our team in the future. But for now, take a seat back, unwind, and allow our publication to give you the power to think about the world’s energy issues.