Sneak for the next paper issue which focuses on masses and will be out in mid October: Conversation with Stellan Vinthagen on non-violent resistance

Stellan Vinthagen (SV) lectures and researches in Peace and Development studies at School of Global Studies in Gothenburg. He has been engaged with social movements, civil disobedience and non-violent resistance for decades, both as a scholar and through activism across the world. Utblick’s editor-in-chief Anna Reumert met with Stellan for an afternoon talk on non-violent resistance and mass mobilization.

A printed version of the entire will figure in the printed magazine, but you can listen to the entire interview already today through this podcast: …

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Questions for Stellan:

– How did you first get involved with non-violent resistance? 

– How do you see the potential for non-violent civil movements in creating social change today?

– Do you see the times as changing in terms of mainstream society’s attitude towards the ability of masses and collective power?

– But even if organized, the plurality that comes with movements always implies a fragmentation or decentralization of power and ideas, which seems to frighten people since it doesn’t cohere with our bureaucratic interpretation of democracy?

– Will there not always be formed new power struggles and resistances within the counter-hegemonic movement?

– Do we simply stop protesting when we become too materially well-off?

– Does it present a moral problem if the ‘privileged’ mobilize as part of a fashionable wave, without really ‘needing’ the struggle?

– Can violence be entirely avoided in non-violent movements? 

– Does it not dismantle the very project of non-violent resistance if you allow for violence?

– Do you think the heavy social media streaming of revolts and uprisings benefit the goal of these movements in the end? 

– Would you encourage the Swedish youth to engage in non-violent struggles?


Interview by Anna Reumert

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