Radio Global Voices looks back at the events of 2012

The world is falling apart this weekend, according to the Maya Calendar. But we’re not gonna talk about that. Instead, since the year is ending, whether falling apart or not, we’ll take a look at some of the global events of 2012. Some go for Christmas, some go for Santa Lucia, and some for Hannukkah, while we at Global Voices just go back in time.

Global Voices’ team went into the field to ask students in Gothenburg on their opinion about the year that we are leaving behind. What has happened worldwide this year? Can we say that 2012 has been a continuation of 2011, or a beginning of something new?
In the show, we also highlight some of the more forgotten events of the past year.


Hosts: Anna Reumert and Ermelinda Kanushi
Voxpop interviews: Senka Purkovic and Patrik Wendeblad

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